Favorite Things

Like the song from “The Sound of Music” sometimes “I simply remember my favorite things. Then I don’t feel so bad.” Some people call these things “guilty pleasures” but really there is nothing to feel guilty about.  Life is so fast past, so complicated, at times the easiest thing to do is just focus on the simple pleasures.  Here are a few of mine

Long hot showers… not going to lie just finished doing this. Especially with my favorite Eucalyptus Spearmint shower scrub.

“Flute music” as someone calls it… Pandora’s Enya/spa/yoga radio.

Now you combine them and you get long hot showers with shower scrub and Enya = blissIMG_2587

Rain; the sound of rain, especially the sound of rain on the roof of my car while driving.  The white noise app: sound of rain on roof.  Pretty good but not the same.


Cars… old ones, shiny new ones.  Don’t know much about them but really like looking at them.




Camping on Motorcycles


And in case anyone didn’t notice an on-going theme of this post.  Photography.



So many others…

But now time for yet another…

snuggles 🙂



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  1. Dan says:

    Why you murder those buns? 🙁

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