New Years Resolution

So it has been an interesting end to 2015. On Christmas Day my uncle passed away. Five days later the love of his life passed. Today my family came together to say our goodbyes. And while my brain is flooded with thoughts the main thought that reoccurs is grateful. I know I have written about this before but it is so easy to just let the days pass and not pause and think about how lucky we are. It being NYE well now a new year as is tradition I make a few resolutions. And this year not the same “loose weight, eat better, work out more” more simple meaningful ones.
1) take a picture everyday to remind myself to slow down and find some meaning (does not have to be beautiful)
2) reach out and spend time with friends and family
3) be a little more patient, kind, caring, smile more; try to remember that life can be too short.


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