I wanna be a rock star

Last weekend I went to the beach with my sister and my nieces.  It was a wonderful girls day.  I have known my sister for more than half my life and to say the least she knows me pretty well.  We were reminiscing back to elementary and middle school (rough years for me and I am pretty sure everyone in history) and how you get to an age when you realize and it sucks that your natural talents and your desired talents do not always line up.  My desired talent was always for art and music.  Now realizing I had no, absolutely none, zero, zilch musical talent took a few years to except including flute lessons, one very painful voice lesson (cringe now every time I hear the Beauty and the Beast song”, and multiple guitar lessons.  But really when you are tone deaf and have no sense of rhythm the realization that you have no natural talent eventually sinks in.

Art on the other hand I always have a mixed relationship with.  I would not say that I have no natural talent in the area but I would say that 100% without a doubt I am no Monet.  I do however have many friends with real artistic talent.  Over the years I have dabbled in painting; I am really good at gessoing (totally a word) canvases and letting them “dry”… for months.  Dan often remarks on how good my plain light blue canvas is progressing (that was ironic as it is still blank).  I also took 2 years of printmaking classes in college and even was allowed to take an advanced class (swear my wonderful teacher just took pity).  And then there has been photography… I have always loved taking photos.  Capturing all of the things in the world that seem so beautiful that I just want to remember them forever.  I was a little crushed when trying to get into a photography class in college when I was told by a professor that “my subject matter was immature and my composition was bad.”  I looked down at the stack of sunset photos and realized maybe he had a point but I thought they were really quite pretty.  I was not accepted into photography class (side note yes I did go to a strange college were we interviewed for classes) however I have still held onto my love of capturing pretty moments.  So 7 years ago I bought an EOS camera (fancy digital camera) and then Dan learned how to use it…. And that is how it was until about a month ago when I decided I wanted to actually learn how to use it.  Here are a few from a recent trip to the beach.  Keep in mind I am only 10% complete with my photography basics kindle book.  I think my subject matter might still be classified as immature but at this point I so do not care cause they are pretty.

IMG_6743 IMG_6734 IMG_6729 IMG_6735

And the best part was I got to hang out with these amazing girls who I hope will learn the same acceptance that I have.  I may not have that musical talent or artistic talent that I always desired but my talents enable me to help others who are feeling sick and damaged and that is pretty cool too.  It is not a fun or easy or fast acceptance but it feels good.




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