Life After Residency

So I originally started this blog to help me focus on all the positive things that happened outside the stress of residency… life beyond medicine.

And then this happened…

We adopted a super cute incredibly naughty kitten.  Take a moment to absorb the cuteness…BUT WAIT… that is not what this post is about.

This is…

I graduated residency!  7 years that included a whole lot of studying, tears, long hours in the library, long hours in the hospital, what seemed like never ending calls of and missing out on family events is now complete.  And I am officially an independent licensed doctor and I truly do love what I do.

Someone… we shall not name names here was worried that I would not know what to do with myself.

And then we bought this…

Which when we closed look like…

Let us just say NEVER underestimate the amount of growth than can occur in just a few weeks.

I absolutely love our new home which includes 20 acres of forest but I know EXACTLY what will be keeping us busy for the next few months or years (project house=understatement).  We closed almost four weeks ago now and I still can not believe we own something but I guess that is what grown-ups do.  We have done tons of hard tedious labor (mice= evilest beings on earth, brown well water=yucky, hot water =good thing, rhododendron that have over grown for +25 years and are taking over the house= monsters, did I mention mice= evil?) however with the help of friends and family (future posts to come)  our house is slowly starting to feel like our new home.

And even though residency is complete… a life in medicine can sometimes be all consuming and therefore my blog beyond medicine will continue.

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