Some “small” home purchases

So news flash (although not news to people who already own a home) once you purchase a home… you have to buy a whole bunch of other things.  And as two former home renters… who now own 20 acres and a house that is a little bit of a project we had to make some small purchases.

Gotta start with the basics right?

Yes that is a machete… and no it is not as awesome as it was in our minds.

So we decided to go for a little bit bigger…



With our new (aka used) garden tractor… that we use totally appropriately…

But even that was not big enough… so we made another small purchase.

I have to say this purchase is a lot of fun to drive but we have also been really productive.

For example we found our barn which is another project for a whole different blog.  And hopefully while I am writing that blog I will know something about barns… like at all.


And underneath all this….




We found this. Which was particularly funny as I had been saying that on one of our many giant boulders I was going to paint our house number.   Guess somebody had the same idea 30 years ago but hey, saves us time?

I have to admit with the help of purchases we are starting to get some where… our yard looks less like an over grown jungle in which the deck stairs were unreachable and more like… actually I don’t know there are words to describe it.  Imagine a lot of jungle and bush carnage with a lot of holes in the ground and rocks… like A LOT of rocks.  See I am leaving you hanging because hopefully one day in some near or not so near future I will have mind blowing, super extreme make over before and after photos.

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