Making The Bed

You know the expression making your bed makes the room look 80% or whatever % cleaner?

This post is not about making the bed.  I swear I am not that lame although I do like a made bed.  For some reason a neatly made bed just says “this room has energy” and “I am ready to start my day” and also “don’t I like soft and comfortable?”

Right… so not about a made bed about how our yard looks 80% more betterer… with a driveway.

In case you needed a reference starting point…

Which with the help of many implements of destruction and many people (thank you thank you mom, dad, Lauren, and John) turned into this…

and then

after more hours

countless more hours

involving some cursing…


 You get this.

And then one…



loads of gravel.

And we have a made driveway.

For the record… while I did help with the destroying of many bushes the actually driveway component was completed by my other half.

And I did get caught googling “what percent does making the bed make the room cleaner” which is just a little embarrassing.

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  1. Denise Comfort says:

    Hahaha😂. Looks 👍

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