Backyard Makeover

Even though I may not have posted in several months that does not mean we have not been busy with our new home (aka our GIGANTIC team building, couple strengthening, buy lots of tools, no end in site project).

One of the biggest projects has been turning out backyard jungle into well a backyard.

As you can see when we first moved in things were slightly overgrown.   We could not even find our deck or open the windows (only very slight exaggeration…literally there was a vine keeping us from opening the window).

With our even bigger new tool (may be my favorite tool yet).  We played in the dirt…


Very slowly… section by section…

All we need now is some cooler weather so we can plant some grass 🙂

We even made some gardens.

And we couldn’t totally neglect the front yard…

Side note…. love is when someone spoils you rotten by letting you fill your cart at the garden store… twice.






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