Trial Time

From Puerto Rico!!!!


It is beautiful here.


And we adopted a stray cat.

But I miss my kittie and someone else even more.

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The Living Isn’t Always Easy

Take a deep breath

And As Soon As You Exhale

It Feels Like Summer Is Over

So I get the winter blues for sure.  I am not someone who likes being stuck in the house.  I like the sun, and clouds, and hikes (actually see last post for my favorite things).  I believe the technical definition for me is depressive disorder with seasonal pattern.  Definition here ” … essential feature is the onset and remission of major depressive episodes at characteristic times of the year. Formerly known (DSM-IV) as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).”  This summer however I learned that my winter blues can also translate into summer blues caused by it being nice outside and me having to work 80+ hours a week.

The solution I have discovered is to be spend as much time as possible at outside whenever possible.  AND takes lots of photos so on a long day I can pull out my phone and remember this…


And we got to camp here…


For free.

So while most of my days I am looking at this.


Longing to be outside.  I know that there will be more of this:


And This…


And this…


And at the end of the long long days… I love what I do.  As one of my favorite attending’s tells us “We have the best job in the world.  We get to meet new people every day, interact with them on an incredibly personal level, use our minds and always learn, and help people.  And we get paid.”


So I guess this isn’t so bad.

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Favorite Things

Like the song from “The Sound of Music” sometimes “I simply remember my favorite things. Then I don’t feel so bad.” Some people call these things “guilty pleasures” but really there is nothing to feel guilty about.  Life is so fast past, so complicated, at times the easiest thing to do is just focus on the simple pleasures.  Here are a few of mine

Long hot showers… not going to lie just finished doing this. Especially with my favorite Eucalyptus Spearmint shower scrub.

“Flute music” as someone calls it… Pandora’s Enya/spa/yoga radio.

Now you combine them and you get long hot showers with shower scrub and Enya = blissIMG_2587

Rain; the sound of rain, especially the sound of rain on the roof of my car while driving.  The white noise app: sound of rain on roof.  Pretty good but not the same.


Cars… old ones, shiny new ones.  Don’t know much about them but really like looking at them.




Camping on Motorcycles


And in case anyone didn’t notice an on-going theme of this post.  Photography.



So many others…

But now time for yet another…

snuggles 🙂



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Life Surprise Part I

As a kid, and well teenager and young adult…. I HATED gardening.  For one…. there are bugs.  Also there are bugs. Then there is a the dirty finger nails.  And the weeding.  AND the watering.  I just could not understand the point.

And now at age 29…..


Surprise!  That is my garden.  Well our garden.  About 4 years ago… I started getting the itch to grow things.  I am not sure if it was the long winters in Long Island or looking for an excuse to get outside for five minutes and take a break from study as a medical student but the itch has turned into a sizable hobby.

We started with this… A parking spot pot collection.


And then my special person made me these…


There were actually two… and they traveled with us on our journey back to CT.


And for my graduation 1 year ago.  I got the best gift ever… A real garden.


And I am still trying to figure out how it happened… but I love working in the garden.  Part of it is working together… making something amazing from seeds.  It also is an excuse for me to be the place I love the most… outside.  After finishing a shift in the hospital (where frequently windows are lacking), I too often take the day home with me but when I am out there life is simple again. It truly centers me.  Additional perks include… giant cat play pen and VEGETABLES.


Part II on the way.

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Cute Bunny Photo

Insert cute bunny photo here…

So this is my blog.

I am not really sure what it is going to be about or who for that matter is going to read it, none the less here it is.



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